I am a sonnet

Today my friend Jessi sent me a great blog link. I read it and repeated to myself all day, “I am a sonnet, I am a sonnet, I am a sonnet.” It was a great reminder that there is something beautiful about knowing my limitations and acting within them. For example, today I was sick. We all had a pajama day and did almost nothing. But guess what? It was beautiful! The kids played a lot and enjoyed their lives, I enjoyed my life, and I did not feel guilty for all we did not get done because I felt so proud of everything that I did get done considering my physical constraints. I am a sonnet, not a free form poem.

Below are pictures of Ammon and Lydia enjoying their lives. Also, Ammon had his first big boy poop today. Someday he will appreciate that I noted this moment. 🙂

IMG_3231 IMG_3232 IMG_3239 (1) IMG_3233