Oil tasting

Today Abe and I both had rough days. Lydia’s harp practice went very, very poorly, and the bottom almost fell out of Abe’s quarter. We were slightly stressed out.

Thank goodness we had our oil tasting tonight! The babysitter came early enough for us to slip in a swim beforehand. After the swim we were both already feeling better. After the oil tasting, we were completely rejuvenated. We learned so much about olive oil and tasted over twenty different oils and vinegars. We left with two bottles of olive oil from Spain and California, a butter flavored olive oil, a harissa flavored olive oil, and some truffle salt.

Then we came home and tackled our cucumbers. We started the pickling process today. I pickled in cooking school, but I have never canned before. This is new and scary.

We are out of the habit of taking pictures. Luckily my mom took one of Ammon and me. The girls dressed up Ammon today. We thought he looked cute.