EQ camp-out and canning

Harp practice went so, so much better today and yesterday. It felt like a switch had flipped in both Lydia and me; the practice sessions have been so positive and upbeat. I am so, so proud of Lydia for making that transition.

My phone is full and can’t take any more pictures. If I could have taken pictures, I would have taken pictures of the pickles I have been canning. I am so pleased with them! It was such tremendous fun to come down in the morning and realize the lids had popped while I was sleeping.

I also tried to follow a homeschool seminar for the past two days. I felt impressed that I should try to follow it, but I am a little confused about that impression because the seminar was very badly run. I did learn some things though, and if I put them into practice, then perhaps the lost time will have been worth it.

Abe and his dad went on the Elder’s Quorum camp-out last night. Abe as stressed because he had to coordinate the camp-out, but everything went really well. We are really glad to have him home.