Nana’s post

My mom sent me a document about Mary. Ever since my mom moved in, Mary can be found in her room coloring. Here is what my mom has to say about the situation.

One Example of How Mary Has Charmed Me Into Being Her Minion

Last night, when it looked to Mary like I needed enticement to continue playing with her, she insisted –

“OK! OK! NOW – the next step is –

I’ll put on the stickers.

Your job is the cutting and taping.

This is called working very hard.

Don’t you want to do it?

To do it correctly – this way.

Follow along as my finger goes.

The next step is to tape it.

We are working on cutting.

That’s the first step.

Let me go get some instructions.”

She ran out of the room to make a jar full of instructions. However, she quickly returned and her conversation to me of this sort went on for another fifteen or twenty minutes as I periodically objected that it was getting too late. My objections were feeble against her charm- mostly I acted like her minion and did whatever she insisted was my part.