Lasagnas for everyone

Today I spent most of the day making lasagnas for people in the ward who have recently had babies. In the evening, we enjoyed the gorgeous weather by going on a walk. The girls rode their scooters and Ammon enjoyed his stroller.

Ammon eats all the time. As in: I feed him a bottle when he wakes up, take him directly from there to his high chair, and after that he gets snacks and another bottle. On walks such as the one we took tonight, Ammon reclines in his stroller whilst stuffing his face with kale puffs. By the end of the day he looks like a little engorged balloon and I have no idea how his stomach is holding it all in. 

He also has a lot of teeth coming in. That means our nights of continuous sleep have left us. Last night was particularly choppy with Ammon’s waking and Lydia’s nosebleed.

Mary is regressing in her potty training. She has wet the bed three nights in a row and I am sure she will wet the bed again tonight because she refused to go to the potty before bed. I placed her on a bunch of towels.

Abe comes home in just a few hours! I might stay up and read my book club book.

Here are the pictures from our walk today:

IMG_3581 IMG_3584 IMG_3587