Family history and 72 hour kits

Yesterday I spent the morning doing family history with my mom. I had the job of transcribing captions from my grandfather’s WWII photos. He was a navigator in the South Pacific, and I felt like I was reliving history. I have never felt closer to my grandfather.

Then I discovered lunch-time hot yoga and fell in love. The yoga is only an hour, so going doesn’t feel like a massacre on my schedule.

On the heels of yoga, we headed to Let’s Play Music. That was a downer because we lost Lydia’s homework booklet and CD in the very first week. I felt so bad and disorganized. This Friday we are organizing the office and I hope that we can get some systems in place to prevent that in the future.

In the afternoon we had a play date with my friend, Carlee. This was the type of play date where the moms visit while the kids play. Ever since moving to Utah Valley, most play dates seem to consist of moms dropping off their kids to play. While I have discovered that the Utah Valley play date allows me to do more housework (assuming the kids are old enough to play independently), I usually prefer the first type. Visiting is always the best part for me. I enjoyed talking to Carlee.

After the play date and dinner we had FHE. Mary and Lydia demonstrated their drawing skills and then the grown-ups discussed and ordered stuff for 72 hour kits. I am about to Google emergency ponchos as soon as I hit “publish.”

My bed time is back on track, too. That’s why I’m blogging in the morning. If I blog at night, I can’t make it to bed before 10pm. 9:30 is the goal, but if I am in bed by 10, I consider it a win.