letters, food storage, and Lydia calls me out.

Ack. Bedtime got obliterated by my family history project. Originally this project was a barter; I promised to transcribe family documents in exchange for the closet space they occupied. But it was a trap! The letters I am transcribing are enthralling. I feel so close to my beloved grandma, and I’m getting to know my grandpa for the first time ever. It has been incredible.

We also ventured to Eden Foods, an emergency supply food company. Boy, they are prepared for the earthquake over there! The man who sold us the food had read all of the same books and reports we have been reading. He also recommended a new book, Awakening to our Awful Situation. When I heard the title, I laughed harder than I have in years. Actually, I absolutely believe the title speaks volumes of doctrinal and geological truth. It was just so funny to have been knee deep in crisis preparation for weeks on end and then to have someone put the cherry on top with that kind of title.

Long story short, we had emergency food storage for dinner tonight, and it was very tasty. I think if we ever invite people over for dinner (I have sworn dinner hosting off indefinitely, but just in case), I think we’ll serve them Eden Foods. Only 5% of the population is remotely prepared, and I think it would be a great reminder to our friends that we should be using food storage. Whadduya think? 🙂

Lydia did a great job calling me out tonight. I had just reprimanded her for accidentally rumpling some of my letters as she reached for a coloring page. She looked at me and said, “Mom, I’m not a grown-up.” I looked back and thought, “You know, you are absolutely right. You’re not a grown-up, and I should not pathologize your childish behavior. You are, after all, a child.” Out loud I said,”You’re right, Lydia.” I hope I apologized, but I can’t remember. Anyway, the point is I’m proud she stood up for herself. I like it when my kids defend themselves with reason and not with screams or tantrums.

Mary and Lydia had their first day of ballet for the season. They looked very cute in their tutus.

Abe took some really cute pictures of Ammon today. I’m so crazy I’m going to include them all, even though they are basically all the same picture. In the close-ups I just want to nibble his toes.

IMG_6623 IMG_6624 IMG_6627 IMG_6631 IMG_6633