An idea from “Dinner: A Love Story”

Yesterday Karin came by for dinner. She brought Thai food and cupcakes with her. We all enjoyed visiting so much. Not only was all of the food so yummy, but then she gave my mom and me birthday presents! It was so fun to celebrate our birthdays in September.

Today Abe and I went on an early morning run together. I can run twice as far when Abe is with me, and that’s a literal fact. We haven’t run together since we lived in the Salt Lake Avenues, and so this morning was fun.

We got a lot of errands done today and the kids spent the day playing outside with the neighbors, playing inside with each other, and watching Daniel Tiger. I am reading Mind in the Making which said that television can actually be a powerful teacher as long as the content does not include aggressive behavior. Daniel Tiger feels like a safe bet.

Abe took a bunch of stuff to the dump, I mowed the lawn, and then we all ate dinner outside. I am also reading the book, Dinner: A Love Story. The author says that she has catalogued their family dinners every day for years. I thought that was a great idea! She says that writing it down makes her feel a (false) sense of control over life. I also think that writing down keeps you accountable. Since one of the mantras of the homeschool conference I attended was, “Copy, but don’t compare,” I will copy this neat idea.

Tonight we had sweet potato soufflé and salad. Yesterday we had take-out Thai food and cupcakes. The day before that we had black bean soup, avocados, salsa, and tortilla chips. The day before that we had eggplant rollatini…and that’s where my memory stops. If I blog every day, maybe I won’t have to rack my brain to figure out what we’ve been eating all week.

Afterward Ammon watched the girls play. He was so glued to their movements that we joked that he looked like he was watching TV.

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