Stacked Tuesdays

Tuesdays are stacked for us. We have a harp lesson, Let’s Play Music, and ballet. We also have been sharing a small cold. I have been plying the kids and myself with nano-silver. Since we are on Dave Ramsey, I can’t borrow from next week’s budget to stock up on Vitamin C tablets for the kids, but I plan to remedy that first thing when the new week hits.

I also forgot to take pictures. Since I spent much of the day feeling feverish, I am going to forgive myself for that.

Abe continues to be stressed about his quarter. ¬†There is a lot of pressure because if his pod hits, he gets to be a Team Lead next quarter. We can’t wait for September to be over already.

My mom had her visiting teachers visit. She also spent a lot of time walking, and she was a great help watching Ammon so I could take Mary to Let’s Play Music, and then watching him again so I could make dinner.

We had Middle Eastern tofu-stuffed zucchini for dinner and plum cake for dessert.

After dinner we had an FHE lesson on reverence. The girls practiced being reverent while I played through a hymn and read the introduction to the Book of Mormon out loud. I am hoping some of that practice show this Sunday. I dread sacrament because I always feel like such a parental failure in church. Our ward has very quiet children, and it always seems like mine are the only ones being irreverent.