General Conference and Homeschool planning

My computer is about to die and I am too lazy to move to its charger, so just a quick check-in for the blog.

We had General Conference today! This is my favorite weekend church-wise for the year. Sadly, we were so distracted by the kids this time around that I feel like I missed much of it. However, I did catch on to two themes. First, I feel like I heard a lot about repentance and relying on the atonement. I liked how one of the speakers said that without the atonement, repentance is just miserable behavior modification.

Secondly, I felt the Spirit witness to me that I personally need to be more forbearing. I can look back and see that a lot of the inter-relational difficulties I have experienced have come because forbearance is not my default mode. It needs to be my default mode. For example, at the end of cooking school I had a big internal debate about whether I should formally complain about some of my teachers. I prayed and debated with myself before finally deciding to go ahead and complain. In retrospect, I wish I had been more forbearing. I would have had fewer regrets if I had just kept my mouth shut and taken whatever injustices I felt were dealt to me. This is good to keep in mind for the future.

Apart from conference, I spent the whole day planning the next six weeks of homeschool. Teaching from Rest advises to plan in six week segments and to stick to the plan for the whole six weeks. Otherwise, the author points out, you’ll always be itching to tweak the plan. I am so, so thrilled to finally have a plan written down. This particular plan is the result of months of experimentation, contemplation, and methodology research. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a picture of my plan and upload it to this post. I’m sure it’s far from perfect, but for now, I am so pleased.