Day off

Abe took the day off today. We have been zombies for weeks now, so it was good for him to finally get some rest. Although I don’t know how much rest he got because he helped a lot with chores and childcare.

Because he was home, I was able to take Lydia to the discovery space station at her school this morning. While she was there I got to log two hours of volunteer time for the school. (I have to have forty hours this year. It seems like an impossible number to reach, but little drops here and there make it feel possible.)

The resource library is incredible. They have any and every type of curriculum there, and if you want something they don’t have, they order it for you. I came home with, no joke, probably $700 worth of material–for free!!! It’s amazing.

The Marshalls were so great and invited us over to dinner. Since we’ve been zombies recently, the timing could not have been more appreciated. We vegetated on their couch and ate their delicious food–and Ammon decided to take some serious steps while we were there!


Ammon walked!!!
Ammon walked!!!

IMG_0062 IMG_0063