Happy Halloween!

The girls were so excited the night before Halloween that they couldn’t fall asleep. Finally, hours after their bedtime, they drifted off.

As a result, on the actual day of Halloween, they were pretty sleepy and subdued. I hope they had fun, though. I let them off of the hook for music and school. We started off by reading every single Halloween book in the house. Thanks to our most recent Scholastic influx, that took an hour. After that, I let the girls paint various Halloween crafts. During Ammon’s nap they watched Room on the Broom and Ichabod and Mr. Toad. We then dipped caramel apples, after which they played outside with the neighborhood kids until dinner.

After dinner Abe and my mom took the kids around the neighborhood. I stayed home and read an Agatha Christie mystery and handed out candy. Normally I love trick or treating with the kids, but Abe and I went on a long run (for us) yesterday morning, and I was tired. In fact, even handing out candy to the throngs of kids got tiring. Eventually I just sat out on the porch with the candy next to me so I wouldn’t have to keep popping up and down–and when that got to be too much, I left the candy outside for the kids to help themselves.

Our neighborhood gets trick or treaters from all over the valley. The streets and nearby church parking lot were full of cars. We think it is because our ward is very serious about Halloween. Our neighbors have cotton candy stations, hot dog stations, s’more stations, homemade root beer stations, and an enormous pirate ship complete with a Jack Sparrow actor and smoke cannons. In contrast, we handed out regular candy.

Abe has more pictures on his phone, but since he’s at early morning basketball, I only have pictures from caramel apples yesterday.

img_4145 img_4147And here are Abe’s pictures:

img_0621 img_0635 img_0634 img_0637 img_0638