Mary’s uniform

On Wednesdays Lydia has school all day. After we drop her off, I take Ammon and Mary over to the Provo library to read books and participate in story time. Last Wednesday we headed home after story time and I put Ammon down for a nap. Afterward, Mary and I sat on a blanket and read all of our books. We also looked up a clip of Swan Lake because one of the books was about the ballet. I took this photo and forgot to post it:


I took this picture below of Mary today in the library, and when I found the one above from last Wednesday, I realized Mary has a Wednesday uniform!

img_4152-1I took this picture of Ammon, today, just because I think he’s cute:

img_4150When we got home, I took pictures of our pumpkins because we forgot to do that before Halloween. Oops.

img_4154 img_4155 img_4157-1Maybe I’ll blog tonight if anything interesting happens in the ensuing hours. If not, this will count for today.

Running with Abe

Yesterday was a pretty ordinary day. I didn’t take pictures and went to bed early (without blogging) so that Abe and I could get up early to run today. We have been enjoying our runs so much…Well, if you were to ask me in the middle of a run if I were enjoying it, I’m sure I would wheeze out an emphatic, “NO!”

But I love running with Abe, and he makes funny jokes and calls out encouraging things when I contemplate stopping. It’s nice to have my mom here so that we can actually run together. When I run alone, I last thirty seconds.

Anyway, I thought I’d type in a short entry before everyone wakes up since I didn’t do one yesterday. But now Ammon is awake and crying, so hopefully I remember to take pictures and blog tonight!