Sister hug

I took photos this morning of the girls before church. I caught the girls doing a cute hug, and then I ran for my camera and made them repeat like so:

img_4181-1 img_4183 img_4189 img_0698The highlights of today included watching the broadcast of the church teacher training video. I enjoyed every minute and learned so much. Bonus: One of my mission friends was in the video!

I also had a wonderful conversation with Abe before he left on his work trip.

Then this evening my mom played games with the girls while I watched Ammon. They had so much fun, and I joined them at the end for two suspenseful games of Hoot, Owl, Hoot! We returned the baby owls to their nests just before sunrise both times. Phew.

I also read some riveting chapters in the book, To Learn with Love. It’s a Suzuki companion for parents. I haven’t read Dr. Suzuki’s writing in years, and this was a wonderful refresher. I have to post this quickly so I have some time to stew over our schedules and practice habits.