Election day

My heart is racing. I honestly never thought Donald Trump had a chance to become president, but the polls are looking like he might just win. I was planning on having a peaceful night feeling secure that Hillary would win by a landslide, but it looks like a nail biter.

I’m having trouble focusing, so I’ll just throw the day’s pictures on here.

Here are the girls water coloring. I set them up with the water colors during Ammon’s nap and retired to bed with my book. Abe and I voted by mail several days ago, so today I felt luxuriously unhurried. (That feeling is over since I checked the polls and saw that Trump is in the lead. If I weren’t in bed already, I might have actually fallen over.)


After ballet I took the girls to the park by the Orem Library. We had a picnic for dinner and then played for a while afterward. I can’t believe we’ve lived here two years and never visited this park. It is incredible.

img_4215 img_4217 img_4222 img_4226Lest it look like we played all day, I will just add that our new schedule feel grueling. I will give it a couple weeks, but going at the instruments twice a day just eats us alive. Maybe it will feel normal soon–I hope, I hope.

And right now, even more I hope that Hillary Clinton is our next president.