#Lighttheworld (and how someone lit ours today)

Today I was still recovering from whatever made me throw up yesterday, and Abe did a TON of work getting the house in order after the trip.

Tonight we were hoping to go to a live nativity with the Marshalls, but after we seriously considered our to-do list and the state of my stomach, we had to cancel. The minute Chelsea got wind that we were fighting a bug over here, she called and offered to bring us soup.

Chelsea is doing the #lighttheworld service initiative¬†put out by our church. Every day we are given¬†new ideas for serving others. Today we are supposed to heal the sick, so Chelsea made a big pot of chicken noodle soup and hoped that she could find someone sick to heal. Isn’t she amazing? Since I was sick, we were the blessed recipients of her kind act of service.

I meant to get a picture of her with her inspired pot of soup, but I forgot. Darn.

The soup was delicious and I feel so grateful for loving friends.

Also, I just got this video of Mary goofing around. I was emailing and all of the sudden heard her yelling about power and light. She was stomping around and doing all sorts of power poses. I got the video after she had been going for a solid five minutes, so I missed the best parts. But still, for our amusement in our golden years…: