necklace repair

This morning I let Lydia wear my necklace as a consolation prize while we did her first looooong practice this week…and she broke it. I got much too upset, but then I remembered that I could probably get it fixed somewhere. I then apologized to Lydia for getting mad. I hope she knows she’s more important to me than a necklace.

After I picked her up from school, we went to the repair shop in the mall to see if they could fix it. They did–and they did it for free! I was so touched.

Mary entertained Ammon while my necklace was repaired.
Mary entertained Ammon while my necklace was repaired.

When we got home I stripped Ammon down to his onesie and socks because he was covered in cookie gook. I loved watching his little plump body toddle around thus attired.

img_4402 img_4400And here are some pictures Lydia took a couple days ago. She was very excited about how cute her subject matters were.

img_4390 img_4391I am excited about how cute these subject matters are. I can’t believe I forgot to post these gems from a couple days ago:

img_4386 img_4388

Dinner with Nick and caroling

img_1298Today we had our friend, Nick, over for dinner. We enjoy him so much. He knows so much about subjects we are interested in. He and Abe talked about the sinking of the Lusitania at length, and then Nick answered all of my questions about the Avengers.

While we were cleaning up after dinner, the doorbell rang. A group of youth from our church wanted to carol to my mom, but since she is in Pittsburgh, we got it on video. Nick supplied the impromptu beat boxing.