Happy New Year!

I had forgotten how tired I get when I am pregnant. Today after church I just moved from the bed to the couch to the table to the couch…and stayed on the couch for a loooong time.

I did make it outside a bit with the kids and Abe. It was fun to see Ammon, swathed in layers of snow gear, tottering about in the snow. We didn’t realize we had overdressed him until we came in. He was bathed in sweat! I had never seen him so drenched.

Yesterday Abe and I went to see Fantastic Beasts, and we really enjoyed that. The day before we went to the Provo City Center temple in the morning. It was soooo busy! I guess that’s a good thing. In the afternoon my mom and I took the girls and Eli, the neighbor, to Moana. I didn’t really like it, but the kids seemed to. Well, Mary spent the movie curled up in a frightened ball on my mom’s lap, but Lydia can quote the movie by heart (and did just that the next morning for Abe). So one of us liked it. 🙂

For the first time in my life, I have done absolutely nothing in terms of New Year’s Resolutions. In general, I suppose I would like to move forward this year with more forgiveness and love in my heart. Beyond that, I don’t aspire to anything more than keeping all of the kids alive and relatively healthy and happy. If I can do those things, 2017 will be a smashing success.