Dinner with the Crofts

We had the Crofts over for dinner tonight. Betsy made darnitsky bread and it was delicious. We had such a great time with them.

While I was getting ready for dinner, starting at 3pm, I mentally swore off dinner parties ever again. It’s just so stressful trying to get everything done with three kids. But thanks to my amazing mom who entertained the kids, cleaned the house, and did innumerable dishes, tonight came off.

While my mom was vacuuming Ammon completely lit up. He followed the vacuum around babbling, calling, and pointing enthusiastically to it. He also kept going up to my mom and hugging her leg. At dinner he wanted cuddles from her. It warms my heart to see how much my kids love my mom.

I don’t have any pictures from today. Oh, and let it be known that Lydia had a full┬áday of home schooling today.