Out of the air day

Monday¬†we stayed inside to avoid the bad air. Abe has been talking about taking a short trip so we can all recover from our illnesses. It’s hard to do when the air is basically toxic. That is the only thing I dislike about where we live. We live in a valley that traps bad air, especially in the winter. It’s terrifying when I contemplate all of the bad things this air could do to the baby inside. I try not to think about it.

But we had a very productive day inside the house. Lydia had a full day of homeschooling, I gave Mary two reading lessons, and I read a TON to Ammon. I felt really great about all of that, even though I feel constant guilt for not exercising more. First world problems, right?

During FHE Abe gave all of the kids more airplane rides. We decided Ammon needed his three turns consecutively and first. Otherwise he would just melt in between turns into a giant puddle of tears and screams. He LOVES airplane rides.

Lydia also invented a surfboard ride. She loved placing Ammon on the surfboard and pushing him around.

Lydia gives Ammon a surfboard ride!
Lydia gives Ammon a surfboard ride!