Ice skating round 2

On Thursday the girls ice skated again. They made so much progress! I could not believe it. They actually started skating!! The teacher made Mary skate to her. At first Mary was a little dubious and just stared at her, but then she started skating toward her. I have a video:

I was so proud of both girls:


We had a laid back Thursday. On Wednesday night we were out looking at a house in North Orem. Abe loved it because it solves a lot of logistical problems for us, but I didn’t like the small windows. It was a steal at $63 dollars per square feet, but there were 9,000 square feet total. We would have to leverage ourselves up to our eyeballs to afford it. I really did not like that.

Abe told me if we didn’t go ahead on this house that we have to cool it on the real estate hunt. I think he’s right about that. It takes up a lot of time and energy, and there are a lot of other things we have going on in life right now.