Sing date with Lydia

Each day I fall farther behind in blogging, and it feels overwhelming to catch up. So instead of trying, I will just record what happened today.

Harp and reading were like pulling teeth for Lydia, so during Ammon’s nap I took her to the movie, Sing. My Auntie Geri gave me the idea in a phone conversation the other day, but I have had no energy to take her until today. My mom made the date possible by staying home. Mary was so sick and tired that she didn’t want to come to the movie, which ended up working out because there were only two free seats left in the theater.

Lydia and I enjoyed the movie, although I think it wasn’t nearly as much of a hit with Lydia as Moana. The humor was a little above her, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even catch all of the cultural references.

We went to Five Guys afterward. I had only eaten there once before, and that was during our vegetarian phase. Five Guys is the worst if you are a vegetarian. They don’t have any veggie burgers and charge you over $5 for a bun with lettuce and tomatoes in the middle. I thought today, since I’m no longer a vegetarian, I might discover what the fuss is all about. Again, I left feeling quite confused. My burger was (in my opinion) nothing special at all. Maybe I’m just not a sophisticated enough burger connoisseur to recognize greatness when I taste it. At any rate, that’s what I’m left to conclude.

Here’a a picture of the doll and animal beds the girls set up yesterday. Aside from church, they spent most of the day playing orphanage. They gave all of the animals and dolls their own orphan beds. I’m not sure they know how an orphanage works because they kept trying to sell their “babies” to Abe, and then they kept offering to buy Ammon from him.