movie day

Under normal circumstances I spend a lot of time each day fighting the entropy around me. Since I have been feeling so yucky and tired, I gave in to entropy today and just watched Harry Potter movies. This slothful behavior was made possible by the following circumstances: Lydia had a field trip with her school, Mary was so sick she slept almost the whole day, and Ammon has started taking almost four hour naps.

After dinner Abe had to run off to an Elder’s Quorum event, and we continued the movie binge by watching¬†Cinderella¬†with my mom. That movie always makes me cry in multiple spots. Actually, I cry more easily when pregnant, so I cried at every movie I watched today.

My mom and Abe have been working so hard while I have been out of commission. I feel really guilty and spoiled by that. I don’t know how women did it in the old days…Can you imagine being a pregnant kitchen wench back in the day? Or a pregnant serf or slave? My soul faints at the thought. I have it soooooo good. I just need to remember that when I am lying on the couch overcome with nausea and fatigue.