Happy birthday, Abe!

Yesterday was Abe’s 33rd birthday!!! We are the same age for the next six months. I am so happy he was born. Actually, that’s the understatement of the year. I am THRILLED he was born and feel lucky every day to be his wife. He is kind, hard-working, joyful, creative, intelligent, spiritual, wise, loyal to a fault, and funny. We were all so excited to celebrate his existence yesterday.

We had a fun breakfast at home. It helped that I have insomnia. I got up at 5am and made a soufflé, chocolate waffles and parfaits. I wanted to bring it to him in bed, but Abe has been getting up insanely early to read scriptures and work out, and so he was up before I could carry out my plan. Darn. But we all ate together and he opened presents. I think it was a good start to the day.

For lunch we all went out to sushi, after which we went shopping at Nordstrom Rack for shoes. My mom got Abe shoes for his birthday, and he had fun picking them out.

Then we dropped the girls off at a party, and Abe came home and fulfilled his daydream of knocking out almost all seventeen items on his to-do list. It was his literal dream come true. I was in bed that whole time fulfilling my daily dream come true: Sleeping.

For dinner we drove to meet Abe’s parents and the VandeGriffs in Lehi at Aubergine. Abe had a great time, and then we all came home and went to bed. I am afraid I collapsed and did not wake up for ten hours. I hope and pray Abe enjoyed his birthday. He claims he did!

Also, before the pictures, one cute anecdote from this morning. Abe reprimanded Lydia after she disobeyed my (angry, irrational, much-too-loudly-given) orders. Afterward he asked Lydia if she knew why he was disappointed in her. Lydia replied, “Yes. It’s because you like Mom so much.” [Insert laughing-crying emoticon here.]

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