Lydia’s first day of school

Today was Lydia’s first day of school! She had a wonderful time at school. She reported that everyone wanted to be her friend and lots of people said her hair was pretty. She said she did not know how to respond to all of the people asking to be her friend, but she was thrilled that everyone was so friendly.

Mary and I were very busy while Lydia was at school. We drove to her old school and withdrew Lydia. It was actually a cathartic experience. I was able to talk to some other homeschool moms and process what has happened with other moms in similar situations. I appreciated their wisdom. (Also, Abe offered me an hour of comforting wisdom last night after I cried. I’m lucky to have so many wise sources of insight in my life.)

After we withdrew Lydia, I enrolled Mary in kindergarten for next year. She is very excited.

Then we went shopping and picked up Lydia.

When we came home, the reality of the new schedule sunk in on Lydia. I have been warning her for months that if we enroll her in school, her free time will diminish. She never grasped the concept until tonight. After her snack, she had an hour of homework and missed playing with her friend who came over. Mary got to play with him instead, and Lydia had to work. Then we had dinner, after which there was more homework, FHE, and bed. (Thank goodness we took care of the hour and a half of harp in the morning, otherwise we would be up until 10!)

Lydia was, to put it mildly, disappointed in her lack of free time today. I was too, but I tried for months to preserve that for her, and it did not work out. So here we are. I am just grateful she at least enjoys the school part of going to school, even if she does not like the schedule.

I should have taken a picture of her on the first day, but I forgot. Maybe tomorrow. Here are some pictures Abe took yesterday of Ammon.

Lydia wrote Abe a birthday card. He took a picture.
Lydia wrote Abe a birthday card. He kept it until yesterday, when he took a picture to justify throwing it away. We are drowning in stuff again and desperately need to Marie Kondo the house.

IMG_1852 IMG_1856