Tooth Fairy mishap

On Thursday night Lydia lost her wiggly tooth…and the tooth fairy forgot to come!!! We were all aghast at the situation. I’ll be honest, I also wondered if I can responsibly handle the tooth fairy situation. How many teeth does every child lose????

Anyway, Lydia dictated this adorable letter to the tooth fairy and stuck it under her pillow on Friday night in her second attempt to make contact.

IMG_4577Here’s what it says:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Why didn’t you bring me anything? Were you sick? Or did you have did you have too many kids to deliver so you missed me? And do you have a pretty house? Do you have pets with funny names? Another fairy came to our house and had pets with funny names. I am not mad about the tooth problem. Do you have a cousin? Or are you a grown-up or a kid? I hope you can get this note. I love you, Tooth Fairy!



That last exclamation point after “I love you, Tooth Fairy!” was part of Lydia’s express dictation, and every time I read her letter out loud, she made sure I made my voice appropriately enthused when I read that sentence. She¬†loves the Tooth Fairy. I just hope the Tooth Fairy doesn’t let her down in the future.

Here is Abe’s (A.K.A., “the Tooth Fairy”) written response that we thankfully remembered to put under her pillow on Friday night.

IMG_1894 IMG_1895

On Friday I also took Mary and Ammon to the Bean Museum while Lydia was in school. Mary was our fearless leader and lead us around the entire museum twice.


Afterwards we went out for Indian food because I have been craving it. Abe joined us and picked up Lydia from school to join us too.

IMG_4581 IMG_4584