Lydia’s new virus

On Sunday we realized Lydia has Fifth’s Disease, otherwise known as Slapped Cheeks Disease, otherwise known as the parvovirus. It is not serious, but the poor thing has been miserable for several day now, and it was a relief to have it figured out.

The sad part is that she will have to deal with the rashes for a couple of weeks, and the only real remedy is rest. I have noticed she breaks out into rashes and her temperature spikes after exertion, and I am wondering how she is going to find rest in the middle of her busy schedule this week. I have offered to let her stay home from every activity, but she loves everything and always prefers to just follow her schedule.

Abe had a flood of spiritual insight in the morning and spent hours writing in his journal. Afterward he felt bad for neglecting Lydia, but he made up for that by playing dolls and Minnie Mouse with Lydia until I got home from church.

We had Hawaiian haystacks for dinner, and I discovered a new way to make the sauce. I kept searching for recipes that did not include condensed cream of chicken soup, but that seems to be the Mormon standby. Finally yesterday I just made a quick Thai coconut sauce, and that was sooooo much better than the condensed soup sauce.

After dinner the girls and I read for over an hour. Abe took a picture when Ammon came over to us. We had so much fun.