Dinosaur National Monument

We decided to take a day trip to Dinosaur National Monument today. It is three hours away, and we have been wanting to go for almost a year. We finally followed through today!

Abe and I started the day by taking Ammon in the stroller on a quick run around our neighborhood. Then we came home and got everyone ready to go. Even though our goal was to leave by 8:30 am, we were finally out of the door by 10am.

The drive to the monument was incredibly peaceful and pleasant. All of the kids were so happy to be on a trip, and Abe and I were happy to all be together for such a continuous stretch of time.

The girls hugged their stuffed dinos and read dino books on the way there.
The girls hugged their stuffed dinos and read dino books on the way there.

I drove while the kids and I listened to classic fables on tape and Abe finished reading Man’s Search for Meaning. Our GPS gave us our only stressful moments when we neared the monument. Instead of taking us directly there, the GPS directed us through the mountains on a really random, deserted road. We were nervous but soooo relieved when we finally made it!

These are our happy, triumphant selves upon arriving at the entrance to the monument:

IMG_4597 IMG_4600

Then we had a wonderful time exploring the visitor center and monument. It’s so amazing!

IMG_1985 IMG_1988 IMG_1991

The girls earned their junior ranger badges
The girls earned their junior ranger badges.


IMG_1998 IMG_2003 IMG_2005 IMG_2007 IMG_2011 IMG_2018 IMG_2019After the monument, we headed back to Vernal. Our friends, the Harbucks, had strongly recommended a pizza restaurant in Vernal and so we checked it out.

IMG_2020 IMG_2024 IMG_2023 IMG_2028 IMG_2033

IMG_2034 IMG_2032And we drove home while listening to a Nancy Drew novel. Lydia was Nancy Drew for Halloween and we have been on a kick ever since. Abe and I are about to finish the novel right now because, in spite of ourselves, we are on pins and needles to hear the ending.