Noble Knight Lydia

On Thursday night we found out that Lydia was selected as her school’s “Noble Knight” of the week. We were so proud of her and the great example she is to all of her friends. I went with Mary and Ammon to watch her receive her certificate. It was fun to see her classroom and the friends she tells me about, too.

IMG_4724 IMG_4729

Then Mary, Ammon and I headed to the library to pick some new books to read for the week. After the library everyone was hungry and so we decided to have a picnic in the park. Mary and Ammon were terrific eaters (because they were hungry), and it was such a peaceful, sweet experience to be outside with these two, sweet, calm children. We had the whole park almost to ourselves, and so the whole experience felt very quiet and restful.


In the evening Abe and I went to the temple and then to Coldstone afterward. We stayed out way too late talking about schooling options for Lydia next year. We talked for hours, and I have to say, I just love talking to Abe. He is so wise and funny. We have completely different perspectives on school and what it means, but I learned so much through our conversation.

Then we came home and he had hours of work ahead of him. While he slaved away, I registered for an April seminar in Seattle with two of my favorite mission friends. I am so excited for a little getaway! But I did feel bad that I got to chat on the phone with my friend and register away while Abe worked his tail off until 2am. I hope someday his job will get a little easier!