Birthday at the Miners’

In the morning Ammon wanted to play with Lydia’s birthday presents from the past few days, and to distract him we handed him one of Lydia’s balloons. That helped.

IMG_2160 IMG_2159

During Sacrament Ammon was so hyper that he was literally running around the lobby touching everything and saying hi (in his nonverbal way) to everyone. We alternate taking him home after Sacrament because we decided with baby round three that it is not worth messing up the nap for the whole week just to keep the baby in the church halls.

So after Sacrament I took Ammon to the river parkway and walked with him for an hour. It was so peaceful and lovely. I wish that Utah County had more expansive park areas, but I guess everyone just goes to the mountains when they need a nature fix. Abe and I ran on a mountain path yesterday morning and it was great, but we could still hear the highway from the path.

The river trail is perfectly peaceful and all Ammon and I could hear were birds chirping. There was not a soul in sight until the very end when we encountered a lone man walking on the trail. I got nervous because the trail is pretty secluded, but he smiled, greeted me, and walked on. Phew.

After church, the girls played nicely together for the first time in a week. Honestly, I think their constant fighting is giving Lydia an actual ulcer. She threw up fresh and dried blood Saturday night, and I am going to take her to a doctor tomorrow.

We headed to Salt Lake for a Miners birthday party in the evening. Lydia had a wonderful time and loved her presents, but in typical Lydia-fashion did not display a hint of emotion during the actual celebration. I was distracted chasing Ammon all around, but Abe reported that she solemnly opened all of her gifts and never smiled once. Those of us who know Lydia also know she was actually elated on the inside. Mary amused herself by announcing that every gift was probably “a box inside a box.” She thought this was hilarious commentary and repeated it for every present for almost every person. Four people had birthdays, and there were a lot of presents. After we had heard her repeat the phrase approximately one hundred times, Doug said that he was going to give Mary a box inside a box when it came time for her birthday…

Here are the pictures:

IMG_2164 IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2171

IMG_2193 IMG_2186 IMG_2184 IMG_2172

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