Pi Day

Lydia’s stomach was feeling a little better today, and that was a relief to all of us. She gave us quite a scare! Her test results were normal, so phew.

I was grumpy after ballet this afternoon because I felt fat and tired. Between all of the sugar for Lydia’s ongoing birthday celebrations and the fact that today was the RS birthday (for which I baked a cake and sampled the frosting) AND pi day (which we celebrated at the Crofts’ Pi Day party), I am really scared to get weighed at the OBGYN tomorrow. I have been working out a lot, but let’s be honest–weight is mostly about food intake, right? I am supposed to control my weight this pregnancy, and this week has been out of control.

I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow, I guess. In the meantime, the only thing that cheered me up when I was sitting on the couch feeling exhausted and so, so chubby was Ammon. I love his smile and his pure, sweet personality. I even enjoy observing his boundless energy. Abe took these pictures after he got home and I gathered energy to finish baking my quiches for the Pi Party.

IMG_2202 IMG_2220 IMG_2205 IMG_2221

And he took a funny video and some subsequent pictures of the girls. My favorite part is when they fight on command and then reconcile on command. It’s hilarious (to me).

IMG_2201 IMG_2195 IMG_2199 IMG_2197

Then in the evening we went to the Crofts and overindulged in pie. Betsy made the Momofuko Milk Bar grapefruit pie. It was out of this world.

This is a picture of the party right before we left and remembered we should have taken a picture earlier. Oh, well. This is what was left at the end: