Kid anecdotes (at the end)

This morning Mary had her first sports camp. We missed the first day (Monday) because I am a disorganized mess these days. But we remembered today! And Mary was so adorable running all over the place chasing her little soccer ball. I forgot my camera, but I will bring it next Monday.

Lydia and Ammon spent her camp in childcare while I swam, and then we did some grocery shopping before dropping Lydia off at school. Then I fed Ammon and Mary, put Ammon down for his nap, and attempted a piano practice with Mary. Afterward I lay in bed exhausted, only to hear Ammon wake up from his nap an hour early. My mom was so sweet and watched him a while so I could sleep.

Then we picked up Lydia, came home, and I made my grandma’s Swiss chicken and some steamed asparagus for dinner. Then we knocked out homework and harp so that Lydia could go outside and play with the neighbors while I finished up by baking yet another chocolate buckwheat cake. I have baked this easy cake so many times that it is starting to be an early spring equivalent of the autumn plum torte (which I bake, no joke, almost daily when Italian plums are in season) or the apple sharlotka  (another cake that makes a regular appearance in the Fall).

After dinner the girls had the time of their lives dancing to Moana. My mom even joined in at one point! I had the presence of mind to remember I had no pictures from today and grabbed Abe’s phone to capture their happy dances.

On the Abe front, work just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Today one of his deals from months ago got dug up by another team that wants a cut, and so it will end up in arbitration. On top of that, Ammon completely broke Abe’s glasses today, and contacts irritate and depress Abe. Abe’s allergies are also acting up. Between the work stress, the glasses situation, the allergies, and all of the extra work that he brings home, I am surprised he is as helpful and functional as he continues to be. Right now he is taking care of a Mary tantrum. I should wrap this up and help so he can get back to work!

IMG_2282 IMG_2281 IMG_2280 IMG_2278

Also, I have kid anecdotes for them to look back on when they get older.

Lydia: Today we were practicing harp, and I said, “Lydia, stop talking and wasting precious time!” Lydia looked startled and replied with great sincerity, “Why are you calling it ‘precious time?’ To me, this is, like, horrible!” I laughed so hard when she said that. We have such different perspectives on the value of harp practice.

Mary: Have I mentioned Mary has a lot of energy? Surely I recorded that she did approximately six hundred jumping jacks during one practice session the other week. Anyway, one way this energy manifests is that she rides an imaginary horsey everywhere. For example, for the past several weeks whenever I unbuckle her and turn her loose on a destination, she mounts her pretend horse and yells, “Giddyup, horsey!” She then gallops to the destination, dismounts, and parks her horse before entering our destination. I make mental notes to record this in the blog and forget every time…until now!

Ammon: Ammon’s teensy vocabulary is expanding! He is saying “Mommy” now, and that melts my heart. He also says, “Gagu.” That means, “Thank-you.” We will prompt him by saying, “Ammon, say ‘thank-you,'” to which he will reply in his sweet little voice, “Gagu!” He also can reliably meow at the cat. 🙂