Lemon meringue pie

Today Ammon, Mary and I woke up with stuffy noses. Mary actually had a fever of 101.8. We did not realize this at first, but when she announced at church that she wanted to go home, I took her home and took her temperature. She proceeded to sleep for the next four hours.

After naps, Abe took Lydia and Ammon on a walk to the park.

IMG_2286Mary stayed and talked with me while I cooked. She sweet talked me into letting her have graham crackers and a maraschino cherry (even though she’s sick and should be avoiding sugar).

We had sloppy joe sliders for dinner, and I made a lemon meringue pie for dessert.


We did not wait the requisite ten ┬áminutes for the pie to cool down, so when we cut into it (right after its photo shoot), it oozed everywhere. Oh, well. It still tasted good, and there’s half a pie left that has since firmed up.