Sports camp and sewing

Mary had her last little sports camp today. I was a bad parent and dropped both girls off in front of the Rec Center instead of parking acres away and walking them in…and as they were running in, they randomly bumped into Nana! She walked them the rest of the way to the gym, and Lydia returned safely to the car, amazed that she bumped into her Nana.

Then Lydia, Ammon, and I went to Jo-Ann’s to pick out some fabric for some sewing projects. Lydia picked out the most beautiful material for hers, and I will have to get a picture on here of it (maybe later today). It is a beautiful, rich blue fabric with peacocks all over it. The cutter said the fabric was designed in Korea by a company called Two Sisters. It is so, so pretty. I also spied some fun flannels to make into a baby blanket for a friend, so I am excited to get my sewing machine out again.

Sadly, the line was so long at check-out that we had to leave our items at the store, rush to pick up Mary (and this time we all walked in, although I parked illegally!), and return back to Jo-Ann’s together.

Here are some pictures of Mary at sports camp!

IMG_4876 IMG_4879

Ammon was wistfully watching someone play basketball on the other side of the gym.
Ammon was wistfully watching someone play basketball on the other side of the gym.

Then we returned some items to Deseret Book and headed to Sushi Burrito for a quick lunch before taking Lydia to school (twenty minutes late–yikes).

When we got home, Mary painted her birdhouse she got from Jo-Ann’s.


When Lydia came home from school, she had the “best day ever” because after her homework, she got to paint a birdhouse and start sewing her pillow.

In the evening Abe had the first work-free evening in who knows how long. We watched Woman in Gold and loved it.

Ammon with soup on his head

Abe and I are having a pow-wow about Ammon. Ammon is the sweetest child, but he is such a handful. Here are some pictures of him after he dumped his soup on his head.

IMG_4870 IMG_4874He dumps all of his food on his head at the end of every meal. We are trying to figure out how to stop his crazy behavior without scaring the bajeebers out of him. He is a very, very sensitive child and responds to even slight corrections with heartfelt, remorseful sobs.

We spent the morning running errands. The little neighbor boy had his tonsils out, so we brought him some presents, balloons, dinner and dessert. He was doing great and is so cute. The girls just love him and were pretty concerned that he might be in pain.

I also visit taught and was visit taught today. Abe and I got up early to work out, and Abe had almost no sleep at all because he worked so late. We are ready for bed!!