Wednesday hike.

On Wednesday morning we ate breakfast and went on a lovely hike without Abe and Clark, who were working. Sruthi was a literal angel and carried Ammon in a pack for the entire hike (with one ten minute exception pictured below).

18449509_10104719183096183_3082309708132588492_o 18451617_10104719183330713_3807237942932782468_o

18402137_10104719183570233_5287397821905244338_o 18401976_10104719183874623_8519549295338582328_o 18401964_10104719183979413_6331385409625702086_o 18359423_10104719183879613_5713667344521583458_o 18359376_10104719182916543_9000607366419656594_o IMG_0582 (1)

Then we all headed to Benji and Janine’s for lunch, after which they had to run to the airport. After they left it started raining, and the kids watched Inside Out together. I was pretty sick by that point, so I think I spent the rest of the day napping on and off, but I’m sure we also had dinner. There were so many leftovers that we didn’t want to go to waste that I think we had those for dinner as well.