Missed flight and Denver explore

On Friday we opted to eat breakfast at the hotel…and missed our flight by five minutes. We should have taken my mom’s advice and gotten to the airport much earlier, but God looked after us and there were–amazingly!–six seats on the next flight. Since we had six hours until that time, we left our luggage with my mom at the airport and headed to downtown Denver on the airport train.

In Denver we had lunch at Modern Market, which we later learned is a chain.

IMG_2862It was fabulous though, and it made me think I should be cooking like that at home more often. Then we walked back down the 16th Street Mall. The girls stopped and played all of the fun pianos in the mall.

IMG_2869 IMG_2859 IMG_2857 IMG_2855

Then we paid a quick visit to the Tattered Cover. I have always wanted to visit the Tattered Cover, and despite having made numerous trips to Denver in the past–and even living there for a bit on my mission!–I have never been. It was delightful, and I got some great ideas for books I want to read next.

IMG_2871 IMG_2872

Then we all went to the ice cream shop (might have been called “The Milkbox” or something like that) in Union Station and opted for the exact same flavor of ice cream: black raspberry brownie. We ate our cones on the train back to the airport, and a sweet man across the aisle handed me some much-needed wipes.

Then we breezed through security sans luggage and caught our flight home. After landing in Salt Lake, we hand just enough time to race to Nordstrom before it closed to buy Ammon his wedding clothes for David and Olivia’s wedding the next morning. Not that I ever procrastinate at all.