Focusing on Clarissa

Yesterday night I did not blog because I thought I was going into labor. You would think I could figure that out by now, but with this groin issue, I guess my sense of what is what might be off.

Anyway, Abe gave me a beautiful blessing right before bed, and I was reminded to cherish this last pregnancy. God will send me more babies, but Clarissa is the last one I am going to carry in my body, and I should be preparing for her. I have been so focused on how I am going to have the babies after her–about adopting (I already have names) Enoch Belmonte and Theadora. “E.B.” would be his nickname and references the prophet walking with God in the beautiful mountains. Belmonte is a family name on my side and means “beautiful mountains,”–and it is also the hyphenated second part of my brother’s name, “Clark-Belmonte.”  And of course, Enoch is the prophet that walked with God.

Theadora, or “Thea” is a nickname derived another family name, “Theodore,” on my side and means “God’s gift.” My uncle and deceased brother, Teddy, were Theodores. Abe’s great-great grandmother was also a Dorothea, which is the name of my favorite literary heroine of all time from Middlemarch. Abe thinks Dorothea is a clunker, but I had a flash of inspiration and remembered that we could get to the same place with Theadora! Her middle name is unknown because I am considering adopting a sex-trafficked girl from Asia and she will already have a name–anyway–see what I mean??? I am so focused on this that I keep forgetting I am having Clarissa now

Well, not now. I thought I was having her last night, but that didn’t happen. Back to crocheting and reading today–and thinking about Clarissa until she comes!!