Lagoon, a MI pic, and Clarissa’s new blanket

Today Abe, the kids, and Abe’s dad and Suzanne all went to Lagoon, a theme park by Ogden. They had so much fun! Abe is lying on the bed right now talking about how much fun he has being a dad.

I can just hear Ammon screaming one of his favorite words, “DUCK!!”

Mary covering her ears on the Puff the Magic Dragon ride. She was scared of all the rides and had to be convinced to ride each one.

Mary couldn’t fit her mouth around her Subway, so she nibbled the edges.

My mom also sent me this beautiful picture of the fun she is having in Michigan.

Aunt Pam, Aunt Dee, and my mom.

I had one goal for the day at home, and that was to sew a blanket I bought fabric for a couple months ago. After hours of relearning how to use my sewing machine, I finally did it! I was so proud of myself. If you look closely, there are a million mistakes, but I’m counting on Clarissa to not look too closely (for a while at least).