Kids’ room set-up

On Saturday Abe spent the whole day working to set up the house. Clarissa is coming in less than a week, and we want to be ready. (Actually, we are way more ready than we have ever been for any kid except for Lydia. We started setting up–as in, assembling from scratch–Mary’s changing table and clothes after my water broke for her. Yikes! And Ammon’s room wasn’t ready for months until after he was born.)

Nevertheless, Abe worked so hard all day, and I am SO grateful. Ammon sat on the doll desk and was Abe’s sidekick while Abe worked.

The girls’ room was a little messy before yesterday because we were trying to cram their art space into their room because we turned the office into Ammon’s room. I was a little worried about how we were going to fit everything. Thank you, Pinterest, for your wonderful ideas. In the end, their room actually looks better than it did before the switch.

They used to have a bookshelf where this area is, but we moved that to Clarissa’s room. Clarissa, for whom we are rearranging all of these things, also has an updated, slightly more feminine nursery. We moved the yellow rug into Ammon’s new room, and we just happened to have a pink rug rolled up in the garage. It’s amazing what a change of rugs will do to a room!

I still have one more painting to find for her nursery. It’s somewhere hiding in the house.

I would love to see pictures of the spaces where my ancestors grew up. I know my grandma’s house so well in my mind and heart, and I wish I had access to my dad’s house and the spaces that surrounded my more distant ancestors too. Hopefully my posterity will think this is at least kind of interesting.

In the evening Abe took the kids to vacuum out the van and attend the Elder’s Quorum BBQ. Ammon apparently loved the trampoline but didn’t quite know how to use it. The girls had fun playing with all of the other kids there.

When they came home, everyone went straight to the bath. The kids all smelled so terrible! Now they smell like roses and daisies and everything pretty.

Abe and I finished the evening by watching the rest of Lion, which is absolutely incredible. It was my second time watching it. I watched it myself last Saturday (or maybe two Saturdays ago??–can’t remember!), and it took Abe and I a full week to finish it. We can only watch movies usually in small increments at a time. Life is so busy and tiring, one of us usually poops out after thirty minutes.

Also, another reason I haven’t been blogging is because my new yarn arrived! Thus far I have been knitting and crocheting with yarn Abe picked out. As much as I love Abe, I feel like I can safely say that we have different tastes in yarn. One of the reasons I felt motivated to learn to crochet so fast was because I felt highly motivated to get rid of all the yarn we had on hand. 🙂 And now that my yarn has come, I am starting Clarissa’s final baby blanket. I’ve calculated that it will take me at least twenty hours to finish, so every evening I have been choosing between blogging or madly crocheting. I love crocheting, so that’s been winning lately.