Clarissa’s birthday-eve

It’s after 10pm, and Lydia is so excited about Clarissa that she can’t sleep. She is right next to me while I type. In about nine hours I get induced!!! Mary is asleep, but even she has been expressing excitement about the birth. She told Lydia that she would love Clarissa more than Ammon because Clarissa is a girl. Lydia thought that was terribly mean and declared that she would loveĀ both Ammon and Clarissa exactly the same. If that’s true, I am going to have a great little helper in Lydia!

Abe set up the bassinet tonight and is cleaning the baby’s car seat. He is “papa birding,” a term my mom used to describe how my dad got things ready for us.

Here are pictures from the day:

Here’s Clarissa’s blanket!
If I were taller or had a ready stool for this picture, I could have taken a better photo. Oh, well. This coming year I am resolved to become a better photographer once and for all!
Playing in Ammon’s room this afternoon.

Ammon was the first to spot Abe return home. This is him yelling, “DADDA!!”

I also spent most of Ammon’s nap catching up on the drama in Charlottesville. Because I am pregnant, I can’t handle much news like this. I spent a long time crying in front of videos and generally feeling despair. I can not believe the alt-right even exists. It’s just so insane. Abe refused to watch the videos because he is trying to be in a good, happy place for the birth. I read him articles while he set up the bassinet, though. We are just incredulous that such hate and ignorance exist. I can not wait until we have a new president and hopefully these racist, anti-semitic, hateful people will go back to their dark corners or wherever they were before the tragedy in November.