Going home

One of my favorite things about the hospital is being basically naked for days on end. I hate the gowns and only wear them for visitors, and the nurses all claim to “have seen it all,” so I feel really comfortable wearing nothing but the diaper stuff they give you for post-birth recovery.

Sadly, on Sunday morning one of the nurses took it upon herself to cover me with a gown while she was doing one of her checks, and I took that as a sign that maybe they had reached their limit with my foray into the realm of the unclothed. After that, the hospital ceased to be as fun. Plus, I had already ordered breakfast and didn’t have time to order another one before check out, so I called Abe and asked him to come get me.

He and the girls showed up not much later and rescued Clarissa and recently-clothed-me from the first inklings of boredom we had experienced since arriving at the hospital. My mom watched Ammon at home through the whole thing and that made check out a lot easier.

When I arrived home, the house was clean and Abe had surprises for Clarissa and me at every turn. He is so good at speaking my love language. 🙂

Clarissa’s bassinet. It’s mostly symbolic at this point because she does so much better co-sleeping. The girls both wrote her love notes.
My mom held Clarissa.