School switch

On Monday Abe and my mom had huge days. Abe was busy shuttling Mary to and from kindergarten, taking Clarissa in for bilirubin tests, taking care of me at home, fixing meals, and, on top of it all, arranging for Lydia to switch schools. Considering she was supposed to start school the very next day and that her back-to-school night was Monday night (which Abe attended, just to make sure he was making the right decision), this was a huge day.

Both Abe and my mom specifically asked me to keep the details of this day private and unblogged because it was a very spiritual and intense experience for everyone. So, posterity, refer to our scripture journals for specifics.

But Lydia is now enrolled in a school we love, and we are grateful to have found this school. We feel blessed in every aspect of our lives and can’t imagine ever moving anywhere. We have both Mary and Lydia enrolled in incredible schools, the girls have incredible music teachers (and Mary’s piano teacher is the one who told Abe about Lydia’s new school), and we have an incredible neighborhood where we know everyone and feel cared for and known. What else could we ask for out of life?

In the morning the Freestone girls (some of our wonderful babysitters) dropped by to meet Clarissa. I love these girls!
Ammon demonstrated how good he is with Clarissa. He is wonderful with her.
Reading to Ammon. We read a LOT together because my physical capacity for other interaction is still not one hundred percent.

Mary’s first day of kindergarten

On Monday Mary had her first day of kindergarten! She absolutely loved it and was so good all day. Whenever I asked her to do something she said, “Yes, Mom!” and ran to do it. This is highly abnormal behavior, and when I praised her up and down for being so obedient, she explained that kindergarteners have to be good.

Also, her school t-shirt has a picture of a bear on it…with red glasses. She was so excited to wear it to school.

Abe took her out for ice cream after her first day of kindergarten.
Later in the evening, Mary and Lydia attended an open house for the school that we subsequently withdrew Lydia from.