Praying for poop

Lydia has been really into drawing princesses lately. We love her pictures.
Another one of Lydia’s drawings. This one she drew for me to try to get her privileges back. I love it.

On Tuesday Abe took Clarissa in for a biliruben test again. She is constipated because I took Percoset for two days, not thinking how it could affect Clarissa. It completely constipated her, and so her biliruben count continues to climb.

At the biliruben test. The nurses gave prizes to the girls.

In the evening Karin came over to meet Clarissa. She brought balloons and toys for all of the kids, and they were so excited to see her. They were so excited that the girls cleaned their room in record time. (They were told that they could only see Grandma Karin when their room was clean, and wow–I had no idea they could hustle like that!)