Abe’s last full day at home

Wednesday was Abe’s last full day at home. He again ran around like crazy, returning things through UPS, taking Clarissa in to the hospital for her biliruben check and then later to the doctor, tuning up my mom’s bike, helping with laundry, fixing meals, taking care of kids, and bringing meals up to me. Clarissa continues to be constipated, and we continue to pray for poop.

I folded a couple loads of laundry, made soup, crocheted and fed Clarissa. Feeding Clarissa is really painful because nursing brings on post-birth contractions (and now there’s no epidural…boo-hoo!), and one of my nipples is cracked. Basically, after feeding Clarissa, I sometimes start shaking and have to climb under a million blankets to get warm because I go into a type of shock.

Also, my groin pain is worse because I think I strained it during birth, so I am basically still crippled. It’s very scary. I look at people walking and running and honestly wonder if I will ever be able to do those things again. I was going through my scripture journal and discovered a time when I thought I had permanently damaged my shoulder. Abe gave me a blessing and it completely healed, so that gives me hope that someday I will be able to walk normally again.

My poor mom also has been having a lot of foot pain. Ever since her Michigan trip where she wore flip-flops, she has been dealing with planter’s fasciitis. On Tuesday she drove all the way to Draper for new shoes to help, but then she re-strained her feet delivering emergency preparedness material to the neighbors. Hopefully she will be blessed for her faithfulness and her feet can recover.

My mom drove me to the after hours clinic later in the evening because I was worried about Clarissa’s orange color–and because Clarissa had gone about fifteen hours without peeing or pooping. The doctor calmed me down, and right when we got home, she started wetting her diapers. We’re still praying for poop, though!