Ammon and his sisters

Friday was a low-key day at home, although Abe is playing catch-up at work. My visiting teachers brought over dinner, and it was really nice not to have to cook.

Friday’s biggest news is that Clarissa finally pooped!! The doctor had just instructed us to by a glycerin suppository, and Abe was just changing Mary’s diaper to put it in when he discovered she had pooped! We were so happy and relieved.

Ammon is terrific with Clarissa. He puts blankets on her when they fall off, and he is so gentle around her. I love watching him love her. He seems to be even more happy and charming since her arrival. Abe, my mom and I spent a lot of the evening watching Ammon dance and run around the house delightedly. He gives us all so much joy.

Also, Mary has had an about-face about Ammon. Up until now, she has had a neutral/antagonistic attitude towards him, but with the arrival of Clarissa, she has experienced a total change of heart. She has started playing with him a LOT, has declared he is her “best buddy,” and says that wherever Ammon goes, she goes. They have been getting along so well. Mary bosses Ammon around while she plays school (of course, she is the teacher) and builds forts in his closet. It is very endearing to see them together too.

My sweet baby.