Lily’s DNA testing

I got my Ancestry DNA results in! This, I imagine, will be somewhat interesting to future posterity. Here are the results:

ASIA: 37%

Asia East = 27%

Central Asia = 10% (This was shocking to me. Central Asia is, according to Ancestry: Afghanistan, Kyrgystan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. I had no idea I had ancestors from this part of the world.


Scandinavia = 18% (This was another shocker! We have never traced any ancestry to Scandinavia before, so wow.)

Ireland = 12%

Great Britain = 9%

Iberian peninsula = 5%

Europe West 4%

Italy Greece = 3%

Finland/Northwest Russia = < 1%

European Jewish = <1% (I KNEW IT!! In my grandma’s wedding picture, there is a menorah on the mantle, she had a star of David ring, and her mother’s maiden name was “Becker” and hailed from Germany.)


CAUCUS = <1% (Caucus is Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Georgia, and Armenia)

Anyway, I believe that these are just summations of how your DNA expresses your ancestry, which is why brothers and sisters have different maps. I really want to see what my brother’s DNA map says. I keep searching to see if it shows a map of the U.S., because my mom’s DNA has a lot of U.S. origins and shows migration patterns to the States. Mine doesn’t show any of that. I’ll have to talk to our neighbor who actually heads the Ancestry DNA program and ask him my questions.