The garden grew– and Abe throws Mary really high

On Thursdays Lydia has her harp lesson at 6am. Technically, this should not be an exceptionally early start because she is supposed to get up at 6am anyway to get her harp done before school, but I let that slide a couple days last week and let her do harp after school. So Thursday was a long day for Lydia.

My mom was so sweet in the morning and let Clarissa cuddle with her while I got ready for the day.

After school I let the girls play with the neighbors. Technically, Mary had lost her privileges by refusing to practice the piano, but I was not consistent about re-enforcing that and just let it slide. Sometimes it’s tiring to be perfectly consistent about everything.

The neighbors wanted to see Clarissa, so I let them hold her. Also, I spent a lot of time admiring the garden! I have barely ventured outside at all these past couple months, and the garden has just exploded. I hadn’t seen these sunflowers until this past week–that is how absentee I have been from my own backyard. They are amazing!! And I love the zinnias because I remember planting zinnias at my grandma’s house. They are such a cheerful flower.

Also, Abe continues to be able to throw Mary soooo high. See here:

Lydia’s limbs are too long for Abe to do this, and Ammon does not enjoy being thrown. But Mary loves it.