Skeleton walk

Today Abe had a team activity in the mountains after work. Since I knew he wasn’t coming home for dinner, I scheduled a lot of stuff in the afternoon so that the time would fly. It really did!

We met up with Eli at the library and he and the girls did the Jr. Library program. Emily and I visited by the preschool-play area downstairs.

After the library, we headed home to eat dinner. I put Ammon down early for his nap today, and I did not give him any snacks after. Therefore, the last time he had eaten before our 5:30pm dinner was 10:30am. He was hungry. And he ate a lot.

After dinner, we all took a walk to see the skeletons down the street. It’s October, so they have new scenarios every day! Lydia, Mary, and Ammon held hands the entire time except for the very last five minutes of our walk. I think they all enjoyed each other.

“Creep it real.”

Then I incentivized each child separately to get to bed as fast as possible. Even though we got back from the walk after 7pm, the kids were all in bed by 7:40pm. That was good news because I had a ton of back-blogging to do.