Mountain colors

On Friday I got Mary’s piano practice done in time for us all to take a field trip to Thanksgiving Point’s Farm Country. I was a little worried about how Ammon would do on the pony ride and on the wagon, but he was perfect. I held him on the pony with Clarissa strapped on to my front, and that worked out great. Then for the rest of the entire visit that energetic little boy held my hand and walked by my side while we visited all of the different animals. He is so sweet.

Before Abe came home, I finished up Lydia’s harp practice after school and then made caramel apples with the kids and Eli. We also made pizza dough and pizza margherita and pizza with beets, ricotta and pineapple. Sophie, the babysitter, was dubious about that one, but we liked it!

In the evening, Abe took Clarissa and me on a date to see the colors from Squaw Peak. Yesterday Abe had his team activity on the mountain and he was dying to show us what he saw.

We have lived here for years and until yesterday I did not know we were fifteen minutes away from spectacular, mountain scenery! When we were on the trail, we felt like we were the only people on the mountain. It was breathtaking. The many pictures don’t even begin to do the colors justice. By the time we started taking pictures, the sun was already starting to set and the brilliance of the sun on the leaves had started to fade.

But this is what we got.