climbing camp

On Tuesday Lydia had climbing camp. I was crazy and thought that I could bring in Ammon and Mary and let them climb at the same time that she climbs. They were free, so I gave it a shot.

HA! Ammon was completely crazy and almost got killed running under all of the climbers, and Mary climbed the kiddie wall a bunch of times and was done.

I hightailed it outta there and headed next door to Brasas where Abe was holding his Elder’s Quorum Presidency meeting. We tried not to interrupt, but it was such solace just to see Abe in the room while we ate their two-for-one tacos.

Afterward I took the three kids (Lydia was still at camp) to the park. Abe and Lydia met up with us there after a little while.

It was a good day. Honestly, my anxiety has been off the charts for several days, but the day did feel very peaceful and happy otherwise (aside from when Ammon was trying to kill himself at The Quarry).